“ fufufufufu, then next…. Is me ”

The accessory merchant stands up and ask me.

So, Why do you sound like a villain.

Though the boss is me thrust might be a rough.

You would do what it seem to be the same kind as me.

“ The accessory designed by the Hero of the shield are showing signs of popularity. By incorporating jinx, and creating stylish shape it was easy to spread by words of the tounge ”

Using Calmira Island reference, partnering with my accessory business, has spawned various jinx.

A business prayer for example would be, in coordination with the Chivalrous thieves guild, if you hang that accessory on the carriage, you won’t meet with thieves. Jinx like that are made.

However, when you add guilty couscous to business the effect would be ineffective.

Even sly things like this gets pretty profitable.

Surprisingly people, cherish something like this.

Guys like me usually do not believe in God or visit the shrine on new year’s day, first of all I only participated in the Festival to buy a lucky charm.

The determined effective time of the jinx is one month, I was attacked a few times for my new design.

By making this Jinx, many of the merchants likes to come and buy this accessories.

And investigating the background of the merchants who bought it, the Chivalrous Thief Guild then moves into action.

Coming from a merchant such as myself, to examine and give such judgement.

In the first place in business you don’t willingly speak of such thing during the time of purchase.

Although I’m a terrible villain, what about the Accessory merchant?

This shed rumors of the dark guild, that I control all the neighbourhood.

“ In making new accessories what kind of ore is used? Low quality ones that are in limited areas is most ideal ”

And, I choose a limited ore that is worth next to nothing quarried right in my territory to be use in making accessories.

Only accessories that have jinx can be priced cheap, its the trick to making money.

This alchemy. Though the meaning is different.

It is the dark side of the jinx.

And then, the report of the accessory merchant ended.

“ Is that the end of it ”

“ Hero of the Shield. Yes ”

Then the slave dealer raised his hands.

“ What is it? Wasn’t your report already over? ”

“ Yes. I forgot that there was a request from Zeltbru. Yes ”

“ With what? ”

“ It is concerning about the Firo Real that are being raise in Hero’s territory ”

Now, they are holding a vibrant Firo Real race In Zeltbru.

The special Filorials that were raised in my territory had overwhelmingly surpassed the existing famous wings and were overtaking them.

Tamers and gamblers sometimes come to meet with me, I have ask Motoysau to be around.

Well half is like cheating. Also no one can imitate.

So I have no Idea.

“ The results of the Firo Real that was raised by the Hero are too good, we might have to separate the race in different categories and an examination will be held ”

“ I wonder ”

No normal Firo Real are a suitable match against the mutation called Firo Real King and Queen that I raised.

It can also transform to look like a normal Firo Real. Not like theres an examination.

And winning races is easy, its inevitable it can’t be help.

“ Rather, it would be better to put it in a separate category ”

“ If its from the Hero, then your words would be followed. Yes ”

“ It can’t be helped. Besides, it going to create more buzz than a normal Firo Real race and everyone will be excited quickly. I’ll allow it if you give me a share over here ”

“ Thank you! Once, my clan get together, we would like to give our thanks to the Hero of the Shield ”

All of the slave merchants clan!?

I remember how the two uncles look exactly alike!

That means the whole clan management, the meeting of look alike might starts to gather around me!

“ Your, your clan is also busy. I, would feel bad about it ”

“ Its a pity. Yes ”

And well, the meeting proceeded without any problems.

“ ….. ”

During the meeting the Chivalrous Thief was listening with a discontented look.

As I feel like the force has gone missing from my shoulders eventually the slave dealer and accessory merchant left. (TL: I need help on a better translation)

“Whats the matter?

“No, apart from,”

“I see?”

That reminds me I wonder if the name of this guy is the cost?
It was kinda Rowdy? I don’t remember much.
Previously, I have been calling his name the Chivalrous Thief, because the impression is in relation to the name.

“Well, I’m good it’s nothing I”

Words were muttered to me as the chivalrous thief murmuringly open his mouth.

“Not such a reason……”
“I also think this chivalrous thief guild has become big ……”
“Oh, if you say so.”

The past when a wave hadn’t occurs…… phoenix game that is older than six months.
Just half a year at least.
In such a short period of time, I think that it is something that has become big.
As result during the time when the the world was in conflict, it suddenly became huge now that its peaceful it is an important organization.

“I too was getting anxious to become …… And rapidly increase in leaps and bounds.”
“I see.”
“I’m now, in a position to serve a friend, to do well as a boss …… I need to remove his anxiety”

Hmm …… This I think I can understand.
Before the wave I did prepare for anything except remove anxiety.
Even if I think I made the best use of the situation its not all intact, sacrifices are made.

Much like the position of the hero who saved the world.
People praise me, and cast words of thanks.
It’s not only this world. Much like the world of glass.
Everyone is the same, as the hero who saved the world everyone comes over to us with strong appreciation and expectations.
The times to color the earth with blood at long last were over.

And because I ended such dark times, it cannot be helped.

It isn’t a bad feeling to be relied upon, but the pressure is also correspondingly heavy.

At the same time, this guy’s feelings can be seen.
At this point its better to get along, even I have anxieties.
I was originally just a college student. Although somehow force to become the Hero of the Shield, from this time its not just voilence.
Although I relied on the power of the shield until now, it no longer needed.
If that happens only with the title of hero who saved the world, that a colledge student can also do accordingly.

Receiving the title of Duke during the time remaining in this world, also held land in accordance with the title.
When you control a big land, obligation to protect the people who live there come out naturally.

Confronting monster head on, I’m the hero of the shield that protects peoples back.
As the position and power grows, also at the same time the responsibility increase.

Becoming rich you also become awful, and eat lots of delicious things, make a harem.
Talk about how simple it is, but at least the case about me, lot of troublesome responsibility follows it.

The thing should have uneasiness.

But, that’s why I can also give advice.

“Don’t you show or tell your subordinates about your troubles?. There are a lot of guys here who are willing to takes over your anxiety”
“My ears hurt degojaro”

Shadow who sent out the slave dealer and accessories merchant joins in the conversation.
What? Does shadow also understood the darkness of the country?

“Since the poor people hide in the Chivalrous Thief guild, the action of subordinates is monitored one by one degojaro. The other day we  also got rid of the person who has failed in an attempt to orchestrate the plan to become the boss degojaro”
“…… Oh”

There are alway gonna fools who aims for the top this here is the law of the jungle.
Oh well its kinda funny.

“Well, Letting those stupid guys who are resisting should attack me directly with my wagon . Disposal would be easy.”

This one that is yearning for the chivalrous thief is probing a dangerous bridge and admiring it. That identity is a dangerous opponent and connect to the underground……Even if they were to think that, they probably won’t confirm it. Even for confirming it, here we have a shadow with high hiding and sensing ability so it’s closer to impossible. At the level a mere thief, it’s difficult.

And now, the lvl of the Chivalrous Thief is raise to 150.
When people are in danger they fought to reach lvl 40 to release the class up to protect themselves from the waves.
This means that 100 is the very limit the public is currently accustomed.

Of course now the Hourglass of the Dragon era was  returned to the administrative state because of it you cannot easily class up.
Although temporary, not anyone can do this thieves together also have over 40 talented professionals.

But, I allowed this Chivalrous Thief to break pass the lvl limit.
Lvl reset is made to punish others.
Horribly strong boss with his subordinates
In fact, combat sense aside, I push the limit to have a high Lvl as possible.

“I know that. Its just…… I’m scared”
“Probably not uncommon you were slaves hunting just one year ago? You can try to make rules for such things, or explore and control  the dark guild, so it is not too large. What If you lose.!”
“I’ll just physically shut you up”

You think now we can do it.
For example, if the dark guild sent assassins to us for being a dangerous element, all the Heroes in Zeltbul get onboard and threaten that they’d crush the dark guild itself.
After all, to negotiate a minimum of force is required.
As such justice without force is powerless.

I will not be struggling if war disappear just by talking it out.
The times without war, there was a dispute Even contemporary Japan who was my original.
The economic war, is a nasty war that does not exist where the dead are not visible.
Even After all this, establishing things like a large country inconveniences and tariffs, limits are made, and, for argument’s sake, if the tariffs aren’t made understood, it would probably become a physical war.

“Anyway, me panic Na, it is arranged to follow me if something happens. While You’re the boss here, also my subordinate of the hero of the shield. I’ll protect you if you do that you do just fine.”
“is that so …… I see”

While to say that, the face of the Gentleman thief is quite gloomy.

“…… Or maybe, Was original thief business is more carefree?”

To my question Chivalrous thief nods.

“Just using it was easy. If something happened, it was fine if you ran away. Thinking only about yourself, you would pursue your own pleasures. Days of just that, I miss them sometimes.”
“Do you want to come back? No, do you want to get a honest job? ”

If that is true, I’ll also have to think about dismissing them. In the age from now on, if we appoint them respectable jobs, living won’t be particularly difficult. If the person himself doesn’t want to do it from the bottom of their heart, making them do it isn’t a good thing. Well, in cases like that, I just bribed them by letting them eat some Katsudon. However, the chivalrous thief just shook his head while keeping a troubled face.

“No, it is but there are thing I robbed, its …… and be grateful to handing out to troubled people, happy. Work itself is not a bad”
“I see.”

I think it will be a challenge for this guy?
Although I think, that it will be a big pressure.

“The family left behind in the countryside …… though I think its a good thing …… maybe, but this is a bad thing. but, it is also a good thing. But I think you understand, that its worth doing. ”
“It is because I Chivalrous thief. Its a guy doing good things by using bad thing such as the chivalrous thief”

There may not be a person to correct the good deeds.
Those that are rotten to the core are the ones that slip through the rules and bad things after all.

…… Is it me? I don’t know.

That’s why chivalrous thieves judge villains that even the public can’t judge and save the weak. Our situation is a bit different but, it’s the truth that we also have guys that have been saved by that.

Even so, bad things are bad things. That truth doesn’t change.

But, if this guy’s worries aren’t wiped away, even we’ll be troubled.

Let’s see. I guess we should stimulate the pleasure of those that are moving behind the scenes.

“Even if you understand it, although the world is saved there are still villains. even if ten years has pass one hundred has has pass or even a thousand years has pass………. it will continue as long as there are people”
“Even there are many people like you who have a hard time getting something to eat and became bandits, but there some people who will continue even if they have enough food, clothing and shelter”
“Among guys like that, there are also guys mixed in that even we heroes that saved the world can’t do anything about.”

This is a fact.
Because I do a bad things I can judge it, it is quite difficult.
If one wrong step it could be the beginning of a dictatorship.
Then the advanced of the future is going to be in dystopia.(TN: this is dystopia
“Such the world of parasite, It is only you that I can judge a hopeless person”
“I, only?”

Anyone can do that you don’t even have to be a Hero to have honor.
It would be another kind of pleasure.

“That’s right. Those that judge villains that can only cross their arms and watch, even if they’re heroes, are chivalrous thieves, that’s you.”

There might not be any consolation to this degree.
“Well, hang in there. unless you make a serious blunder.”
“Oh, oh!”
It seemed to me, that the Face of Chivalrous thief is getting better than before.
Well, It will be such a thing.
Now, you can either go back to the village.
Gentleman thief opened his mouth and believe such.

“Hero of the Shield sama, reminds me -“


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