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Chapter 2 Argentavis

*Byou* Cutting through the wind, she liked the feeling of flying.
The goggles over one’s eyes, widespread and seem to be sucked in by the blue ocean.
Rarona combed her hair up to make it as if it were hot, circulating blood.
It is the hair which either hang on the shoulder though it is a woman, although considered to be trivial, she liked this functional hairstyle in its own way.
To start, walking with only light armour, mostly to serve as typical courtesy for unit identification. A short breastplate with the coat of arms representing the “Flight Light Armour Warrior Troupe” spear and dagger crossed together to silhouette of a bir with brilliant.
Wearing olive colored well-worn shorts, with a dagger for hand-to-hand combat is hanging on the waist. She manipulated the reins full of fighting spirit. Nevertheless she only just turned 15 years of age, the movement well was well experienced.
Riding of the, “bird” is a given.
Even though the bird, of course it is not an ordinary bird. Is a huge species on par with dragons if only the blade length.
Appearance is similar to the falcon, it is also equipped to some extent intelligence worthy of its appearance.

“Yeah. That’s right”

Rarona laugh with a kakka.
She understood to a certain extent when it was called a gigantic bird.
When she see the horizon, the sea area where the fog hung approached.

“In a little more ……” mermaid sea “or”

I flew considerably, she murmured.
This place is always covered in fog, waters had spread that never settles.
“Large inheritance war” It is at the end of the sea where the inhabiting people settled that have escaped from the time of war.
Her mission now was the patrol of territorial waters.
For being relatively close from the other side of Ruruie continent across the sea, it’s an areas of military importance where enemy invasion is a concern.
Firuborugu Inheritance Empire.
It has carve carved the name of the inheritance to it own country in order to emphasize that it is the heir of the world.
Rarona was still monitoring the direction of the opposite shore.
It’s originally Purominia territory, but now it has fallen into the hands of the inheritance empire.
She has a good eye. It is essential for physical condition to ride the Giant Bird, but had by far the most outstanding. Who originally grew up in the mountains.

“N …?”

I feel a presence incidentally in the sea of mermaid whom I excluded from the warning area.
Her animal like intuition always being right barely, had herself believe it.
Rarona is allowed tension to the body, sharpening her senses.
And, she noticed “Presence” that.

“Do not, … !? It’s what do!?”
“Wh, What is…..! What is that!?”

Rarona for “object” that appeared under her eyes, cannot find the words to be described.
Of gray, something huge.

“Any, anyway, I need to collect the information.”

She desperately strive for calm judgment.
Their mission’s to patrol. If there is an abnormality must be examined as detailed as possible it is a top priority.

“Number of five ships, color gray, if you are angular overall, do not see the appearance of people.”

She tried to gain a better view of the object can be elaborate with the eye.

“Tail! Get a little more close!”

She turned with her buddy, and attempting to fly down the altitude interval of the object.

The cries of the bird slowly went away.

“Its gone ……”

Kato was looking through the binoculars in the bridge of Aegis destroyers “Ibuki” was muttered.
However, Only Kato is a difference with the other executive officers to say that an unbelievable thing happened with one consent, trying desperately for any conclusions about the current situation.

“Anybody, do you copy?”

Wearing a gray life jacket and iron cap as well as a member of other Marine Self Defence Force, Kabuki dressed in dark blue working clothes, stood quietly next to get off the commander’s seat.
Young, against the inaccessible person who understands oneself prone to become a foreign presence Kaburaki, Kato also had high confidence.
Yeah, I brightly answer with a.

Kato confirms that there isn’t a person making an objection and lets out a breath.

“If you feel you have passed through the fog, it is that bird.”

I ask in detail in the communication officer of the status of the current communications and radar “Ibuki”.

“Even thought the fog has cleared, still I cannot intercept any radio waves?”
“Not a failure?”
“I have also checked three times, there is no fault in the equipment itself.”
“Satellite position observation system also, It is unusable …… response from an artificial satellite is lost?”

The Communication officer affirmed the silence.

“Such a thing impossible on earth.”

It was a question that everyone felt most strongly.
Kato continued.

“Do you know what that of quantum mechanics” multidimensional interpretation “?”
“No, I …… What’s it?”

Kaburaki answered in the manner in which it was a little surprised at the unfamiliar words.
Kato with crossed arm, began described as teachers make a index finger with one hand.

“Lieutenant Colonel Kato, and I do not know at all What on earth are you talking about”

One of the executives interrupted and started to jeer. However, Kato advance the story without paying any mind to it.
Then, to derived little earlier, the conclusion.

“In other words, If my hypothesis is correct …… we are lost to the world.”

Overlooking the executives who sat in a row, made his resolution and declares.

“Vice versa, that is now, wandered in” parallel world “is more of my fleet!”



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