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When I come back to the village from the dark side of this world.

“Nii-chan Nii-chan! Welcome back! (Kiel)

A kiel rushed at me the same time as I return to the village.
Recently, when I come back she always greeted me on her dog form.
While becoming a fateful dog.
Originally she looked at me like an abandon dog who can’t trust anyone
And, while half amazed, I lightly pat Kiel’s head.

“I’m home”(Naofumi)
“Welcome back, Naofumi-sama”(Rapthalia)
“I’m home. Rapthalia, where there any changes?”(Naofumi)
“In particular…… just–“(Rapthalia)
“Nii-chan Nii-chan!”(Kiel)
“Kiel, I’m talking to Rapthalia. Be quite a little, or chase a ball, even take care of your crepe tree”(Naofumi)
“Nii-chan Nii-chan! There are new flavors in the crepe fruits! There’s Chocolate Dough flavor and Chocolate Sauce flavor!It’s perfect for Valentines!”(Kiel)

Kiel say that as she completely ignored my words, and to show me the flavor of the crepe fruit.
The chocolate flavored crepe……feels like we rach that point.

“Yes, I was trying to report this to Naofumi-sama”(Rapthalia)

Oh, Rapthalia was also trying to report about the chocolate flavored crepe.
An event that you should really report, or such?
Because well a little change may also lead to problems, it is a necessary thing.

“Hmmn, it is Valentines day”(Naofumi)

I thought that it was possible because there were Christmas and New Years.
And recently, I also heard the story of more business in the neighborhood.
In the story that also slightly raise the price that we bought a lot from that guy, its the perfect season for business.
Accessory merchant, I was excited about the feeling whether that I did business beyond one’s category

“Yes, there is. Everybody in the village and in the neighborhood are talking about it”
“There is the chocolate in this world?”(Naofumi)

Did it reproduce from a plant which is similar to a cacao?
Its like to have been spread by the past Heroes.
….Or other transmigrators.
Its annoying although somehow useful thanks to the efforts of those guys.

“Yes. I also examined the extent, if there are anything like chocolate that grows in a certain area, as for this time of the year its mostly deals with chocolate(Rapthalia)

The tree which chocolate grows on…..
Will it be the finished product?
I think I have heard this being talk about somewhere, I look at the tree the crepe tree and bread tree
I didn’t hear who or where it was created it.
Surely I step on a mine.

That reminds me I have heard such a story.
While I was thinking whether it was cacao, I noticed slightly when I heard words named the chocolate farmhouse.
I sure have a bad feeling about this tree, will really bear fruit to chocolate.
I wonder if the crepe tree is said that there so called crepe farmers………
Honestly, It’s pretty disgusting.

“With, valentines day at the villages what do want to say?”(Rapthalia)
“Nii-chan is good at understanding”(Kiel)
“Oh yeah, I learn it during the time at Christmas”(Naofumi)

Ahaha it was annoying but, it was not a bad feeling after seing that everyone was happy

“By, Valentines its no dout its an event where girls give to chocolate to the ones they like?(Naofumi)”
“Is there any other?”

….Can’t say.
The fact is during this time I use to take advantage of magic event chocolate
There is friend chocolate.
Regardless of real world or the net.
I love whatever event it was! I.

“Melty-chan came over with a suggestion…….with it”(Rapthalia)

Melty is? To meet after a long time.
Or since Christmas? Well, I was sleeping.

“How about selling some chocolate during Firo’s idol activities? Its idea she came up with, we talk about using the income to fund the reconstruction”(Rapthalia)

And, Melty came over along with Firo in her human form.
So it was. Melty is busy with the idol industry and diplomacy with other countries and Firo is busy singing and dancing.
Currently, Firo has the largest income in the village.
Mainly with Firo’s idol activity we will have good sales.
There is a crystal tool similar to the video crystal that can play music called voice crystal.
Well, there is a tool that being sold that can record this like a gramophone and expensive but this cheaper.

“Hn~? Chocolate, it’s sooo gooood~”(Firo)

With chocolate sauce stickily stuck on her cheeks, Firo greedily devoured the crepes. But still, can’t she do something about that pronunciation?

“Handmade chocolate made by Firo-chan with her name”(Melty)
“Firo is to make homemade chocolate”(Naofumi)

I think Firo would be a cuisine eating specialty rather than the making it kind.
In the first place i have never seen her cook anything.
The life of a store man, even if i make it.
Once you have it and eat it yourself.

“Is there……that’s right. However, it is not necessarily need to prove that Fro made it ib particular?”(Melty)
“Indeed, it is so but”(Naofumi)

Melty, in one way or another, you’re also black.
As for the fans, Valentine from an idol they would actually want something made by the person themselves.
Reality might be such a thing.

“I think it would become a good revenue if Naofumi and the children here produced and sold them.”(Melty)
“That isn’t a bad idea. Besides, it looks like I was planning on doing a Valentines event anyway.” (Naofumi)
“Right, right, so with that, can I ask you to do it? (melty)
“Yeah yeah, I got it. So? How are we going to process the chocolate?” (naofumi)
“I was thinking of leaving that to the country’s cooks but, can Naofumi do it?”(Melty)
“Nii-chan. Let me taste it first”(Kiel)
“I can do that ~….. Kiel, because the idea of the chocolate crepe is already good, you wanna jin, in the idol activities”(Naofumi)
“Yes Yes Yes Yes!?”(Kiel)

I’m surprised that Kiel almost dropped the crepe.
Don’t drop it then go crazy again. Ren isn’t here after all.(TN:Refer to chapter 218)

“Why are you surprised? Its a good opportunity. I will it you stop wearing a dress if you beat Firo in sales”(Naofumi)
“It, it is so”(Kiel)

Kiel still don’t like people to see her as a woman…… I forced her to wear a maid outfit and a dress with frills.
Though she takes it off in her dog form.

“Results from peddling is very good. The idol debut is not bad too”
“I, I hate you Nii-chan! I, I can’t sing a song in from of so many people!

With kind eyes, I put a hand on Kiel’s shoulder while laughing in my heart, with the same eye I said.

“Okay Kiel. The idol industry is not to hear you sing, but to show everyone your appearance in singing and dancing, It is work to sell a right to be in the place where the figure can be seen”(Naofumi)
“I feel like the knowledge your teahing is very wrong!”Rthalia)

Although Rapthalia hit me with a tsukomi, would not be wrong.
The song is good or bad it doesn’t matter.

“So, huh? I feel like its different when I see Firo-chan?(Kiel)
“Hn~? Thant right?”(Naofumi)
“Firo is…..different. Idol who can sing costs money, she’s that kind of idol. All idols aren’t the same like Firo. Besides…… It would be boring if its just Firo”(Naofumi)
“What’s that Naofumi! Please correct me!”(Melty)

Firo and Melty mad an objection……….At least idol that I know have disappeared from the industry After 10 years.
The guy who survive as an actress utmost is sublime.
Well, that guy has raw talent.
Not just Firo even Kiel, I can’t make a profit when I don’t make money while I can make money

Because Kiel it seems to be simply popular.
The kind of visitor is different too, its not that I can’t do without.
Or rather, how can you hand over the position of rival.

That place is Motoyasu’s three little……… I suffered from Firo related.
Singing and dancing in the form of a rival, because it is three people, individual personality appears, but can’t overcome a genuine article.
So it’s subtle when compared to Firo.

And yet Motoyasu gains profit, why should I when its not my profit.
….. Well the reason is Motoyasu pours all the profit into Firo.
Well when you consider Motoyasu’s sin.

Lets get back to Kiel’s idea.
This guy also looks good in mens clothes. When wearing womans dress there is a fresh filling.
So dress as man….. It might go well like Takarazuka Operetta Troupe. (TN: I’m not sure if this it

“For the time being……With being a cross-dressing beauty as an exception, want to wear men’s clothing?” (naofumi)
“Being ordered to by Nii-chan kind of feels degusting.” (kiel)
“What, you don’t want to wear them? I think wearing a fundoshi is a bit.” (Naofumi)
“That’s not what I mean! Even though I’ll look like a man, it feels like nothing will change!”(Kiel)

Is that so.
Being sexless and being a man are different.
Although I’m not into making dress, apparently It looks like there are also many layers of interest to subculture in this world.

“Wait Naofumi! Hurry and correct yourself!” (melty)
“If you want me to, you should leave some results. Producer and Sound Manager, Her Majesty the Queen Melty. If Firo continues in the idol business after ten years, then I’ll correct myself.” (naofumi)
“Just you watch!”(Melty)

Well, surely in the end it will be called “Amazing” that’s right.

Firo and Melty are in good terms as usual.
Sometimes it seems that with Melty are singing together.
In this case, the idol has no problem with Melty

But, there’s a big problem with Melty.
Melty is currently her Majesty the Queen of Melromark which became the worlds major power.
Because of the queens position, there are trouble that are missed currently in the idol industry.
Could be seen as less worthy to be Queen of the world.

“For now let’s get Imya to make an attire for Kiel first”

…..It seems like the Dressmaker would know some details about this area.
In a fujoshi-like sense.

“Oh Oh Oh…….. Until Kiel-kun fell prey to Naofumi-sama plan”(Rapthalia)

I groan at Rapthalia’s worries.
I don’t know. This is also for the development of the vilage, and the sake of the world.
Besides……. It’s already something like suffering from a poisonous fang.
If only it could be tame like a dog.

“Uhh…. I hate singing and dancing”(Kiel)
“Okay Kile”(Naofumi)
“In your case, rather than calling it singing and dancing, it feels more like your doing a play. For the choreography I’ll rely on some guys who know about this, as I said you should go with the rhythm as you sell thing during peddling”(Naofumi)
“Is that so Nii-chan?(Kiel)
“Then I’ll, do my best”(Kiel)

And Kiel begin to wag her tail, showing her motivation.
To easy.

“By the way Nii-chan. What about the chocolate”

Kiel together with Rapthalia stares at me.
Rather Melty and the Villagers are looking at me.
Do you intend to still continue the talk.

“I want to know how make a delicious homemade chocolate”

……. So that what you came for.
Oh dear, though it regarding dessert, I haven’t thought the method on cooking delicious chocolate either.
Because it Valentines, the girls of the village will be motivated….. that means.
That reminds me…….there are a lot of friend who want friend chocolate every year.
I wonder if those guys are happy?


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    “Why are you surprised? Its a good opportunity. I will it you stop wearing a dress if you beat Firo in sales”(Naofumi)
    The third sentence here is a little confusing grammatically. I think it should be some like “I will allow you to stop…”


    • agree with you also here i think this should be ‘join” rather than “jin”
      “I can do that ~….. Kiel, because the idea of the chocolate crepe is already good, you wanna jin, in the idol activities”(Naofumi)
      and this
      “Is there……that’s right. However, it is not necessarily need to prove that Fro made it ib particular?”(Melty)
      should be
      “Is there……that’s right. However, it is not necessarily need to prove that Firo made it in particular?”(Melty)
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