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Chapter 3 reconnaissance troops

From the Imperial city of the castle town 〝 say road 〟 of the United Kingdom of the Southern Sea Marisa, with the capital as a marine trade city prospering as a castle town, it is possible for both to be viewed as the capital where it has an orderly vigor and be able to be called a national symbol.
The coastline line of the capital was drawn in a large crescent-shaped, both sides has been cape. In the lower cape is a lighthouse, and the Imperial Castle is in higher cape.
Rarona’s Garrison troops were in the foot of the opposite shore to the lighthouse overlooking the Imperial castle.
The tip of the Cape, slipping into the place where it has been roughly maintained as runway, to run to the quarters.
In the room that serve as a simple work room, A young woman with rich green long hair was sitting.
Her name is Karuda.

“What is it? woman warrior Rarona”(TN: it actually says kneaded warrior)

Rarona apologize for the impoliteness, with one knee on the floor and hung her head.

“Please excuse sudden rudeness! But there is something that I must report as soon as possible”

Karuda gently removed the monicle glasses that had been put in her right eye.
Pair of almond eyes look at Rarona.

“…… All right. Briefly”

Rarona raise her cheerfully face, kept talking on what oneself experienced at noon by fast talking.
A major incident in itself that something emerges from the sea of the mermaid, what came out is a huge castle-like iron ships.
Numbering of five ships, unknown nationality.

“No way, the Firuborugu empire?”

Like a noble of Marisa she did not speak of the arrogant name “ Inheritance„ of the enemy.

“Well, …… As far as I have seen it is not the case”

Slightly awkward, Rarona answered.

(Maybe, Its a ship that came from another world)

Such a ridiculous thought came up.

“From the top ……, Even what little news I am ordered to be raise to the castle”

Karuda then up from the chair, looked at the sun that is going sinking from the window to the other side of the sea.

“And the ship made of the iron, foreigners of unknown nationality…… but that doesn’t matter now, I must first uniform her Majesty”

Karuda stroked by hand the spear that was placed in the corner of the room.
The premonition of battle, is certainly might be on her mind.

“Ready woman warrior. Today, I hear an ultimatum has arrived in our country.”

Rarona is, did not want to hear the following word and block her ear. But, as soldiers, it had to be heard.
Gulp, with sound of dry throat.
Superior, said in a calm voice.

“Firuborugu Empire, declared war against our country”

Kuze, was passed casually a file to company commander.
Kuze first of all, I could not understand what information being listed there mean?
In the provision item, because there was a large amount of live ammunition.

“…… This, at a time like this a massive live ammunition training?”

Kuze had involuntarily asked so.

“In, So why …… this kind of armed”
“Because combat mobilization”

It is natural, she took a glance behind Kuze and say.


The dawn overnight, the morning sun was rising.
Anti-submarine patrol helicopter SH-60K Sea Hawk is a carrier-based aircraft of Aegis destroyers “Ibuki” had finish departure preparation.
There, similarly the man who wore a white uniforms went aboard
To see them off, was Kaburaki.

“One platoon were selected from GSDF as escort”

Kato in the wind that stir up the helicopter, laughed while tighten the chin strap so that identification hat will not fly of.

“Wait, please don’t act recklessly?”

He gave thumbs up.

(Different world, and such is …)

Honestly, his thoughts were still skeptical .

“I asked ……”
“Please understand. Whole thing.”

Uncommon to Kato salute with seriousness, closed the side door.
When Kaburaki started to leave the flight deck, helicopter began to depart into the sky.
To protect the MSDF helicopter ridden by Kato, camouflage helicopter of the Ground Self-Defence Force of three aircraft that departed from the transport ship are merged. This is where the GSDF were deployed, UH-60JA Black Hawk.
On board of Black Hawk, GSDF personnel on board huddled together shoulder to shoulder, still I attentively listened to the story of the commander.

“Pay attention, our mission is reconnaissance from the sky, and, in the event of the situation escort of MSDF executive riding on that white helicopter”



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Chapter 2 Argentavis

*Byou* Cutting through the wind, she liked the feeling of flying.
The goggles over one’s eyes, widespread and seem to be sucked in by the blue ocean.
Rarona combed her hair up to make it as if it were hot, circulating blood.
It is the hair which either hang on the shoulder though it is a woman, although considered to be trivial, she liked this functional hairstyle in its own way.
To start, walking with only light armour, mostly to serve as typical courtesy for unit identification. A short breastplate with the coat of arms representing the “Flight Light Armour Warrior Troupe” spear and dagger crossed together to silhouette of a bir with brilliant.
Wearing olive colored well-worn shorts, with a dagger for hand-to-hand combat is hanging on the waist. She manipulated the reins full of fighting spirit. Nevertheless she only just turned 15 years of age, the movement well was well experienced.
Riding of the, “bird” is a given.
Even though the bird, of course it is not an ordinary bird. Is a huge species on par with dragons if only the blade length.
Appearance is similar to the falcon, it is also equipped to some extent intelligence worthy of its appearance.

“Yeah. That’s right”

Rarona laugh with a kakka.
She understood to a certain extent when it was called a gigantic bird.
When she see the horizon, the sea area where the fog hung approached.

“In a little more ……” mermaid sea “or”

I flew considerably, she murmured.
This place is always covered in fog, waters had spread that never settles.
“Large inheritance war” It is at the end of the sea where the inhabiting people settled that have escaped from the time of war.
Her mission now was the patrol of territorial waters.
For being relatively close from the other side of Ruruie continent across the sea, it’s an areas of military importance where enemy invasion is a concern.
Firuborugu Inheritance Empire.
It has carve carved the name of the inheritance to it own country in order to emphasize that it is the heir of the world.
Rarona was still monitoring the direction of the opposite shore.
It’s originally Purominia territory, but now it has fallen into the hands of the inheritance empire.
She has a good eye. It is essential for physical condition to ride the Giant Bird, but had by far the most outstanding. Who originally grew up in the mountains.

“N …?”

I feel a presence incidentally in the sea of mermaid whom I excluded from the warning area.
Her animal like intuition always being right barely, had herself believe it.
Rarona is allowed tension to the body, sharpening her senses.
And, she noticed “Presence” that.

“Do not, … !? It’s what do!?”
“Wh, What is…..! What is that!?”

Rarona for “object” that appeared under her eyes, cannot find the words to be described.
Of gray, something huge.

“Any, anyway, I need to collect the information.”

She desperately strive for calm judgment.
Their mission’s to patrol. If there is an abnormality must be examined as detailed as possible it is a top priority.

“Number of five ships, color gray, if you are angular overall, do not see the appearance of people.”

She tried to gain a better view of the object can be elaborate with the eye.

“Tail! Get a little more close!”

She turned with her buddy, and attempting to fly down the altitude interval of the object.

The cries of the bird slowly went away.

“Its gone ……”

Kato was looking through the binoculars in the bridge of Aegis destroyers “Ibuki” was muttered.
However, Only Kato is a difference with the other executive officers to say that an unbelievable thing happened with one consent, trying desperately for any conclusions about the current situation.

“Anybody, do you copy?”

Wearing a gray life jacket and iron cap as well as a member of other Marine Self Defence Force, Kabuki dressed in dark blue working clothes, stood quietly next to get off the commander’s seat.
Young, against the inaccessible person who understands oneself prone to become a foreign presence Kaburaki, Kato also had high confidence.
Yeah, I brightly answer with a.

Kato confirms that there isn’t a person making an objection and lets out a breath.

“If you feel you have passed through the fog, it is that bird.”

I ask in detail in the communication officer of the status of the current communications and radar “Ibuki”.

“Even thought the fog has cleared, still I cannot intercept any radio waves?”
“Not a failure?”
“I have also checked three times, there is no fault in the equipment itself.”
“Satellite position observation system also, It is unusable …… response from an artificial satellite is lost?”

The Communication officer affirmed the silence.

“Such a thing impossible on earth.”

It was a question that everyone felt most strongly.
Kato continued.

“Do you know what that of quantum mechanics” multidimensional interpretation “?”
“No, I …… What’s it?”

Kaburaki answered in the manner in which it was a little surprised at the unfamiliar words.
Kato with crossed arm, began described as teachers make a index finger with one hand.

“Lieutenant Colonel Kato, and I do not know at all What on earth are you talking about”

One of the executives interrupted and started to jeer. However, Kato advance the story without paying any mind to it.
Then, to derived little earlier, the conclusion.

“In other words, If my hypothesis is correct …… we are lost to the world.”

Overlooking the executives who sat in a row, made his resolution and declares.

“Vice versa, that is now, wandered in” parallel world “is more of my fleet!”


For those who are asking about the Valentine special chapter 2 its 60% complete but I got bored so until I get in the mood to translate it I’m gonna be playing around with Rune troopers the light novel is being translated in Baka-tsuki but stuck as a teaser so I decided to do the web novel instead here the link for the light novel you may also read the prolonged and some detailed parts there

Chapter 1 Dispatch Fleet Sailed

In the cloudy sky, the weather seems to gloomy
Below, are the shouting reporter from TV stations.

“ The troops to sail this time, Maritime Self-Defence Force state-of-the-art Aegis guarded by one ship transport ship and supply ship, is a fleet consisting of a total of five ships”

He …… Kuze Akira while wearing camouflage and patrol cap was little at eaves, from the position on top of the deck in the high transport ship, was looking if there are any known faces in the family and officials who came to see them off.
In somewhat there, it is he is sincerely likely to become 24 years old this year, speaking a good-nature look on his face, similar to the cloudy sky.

Though young, an officer’s insignia was shown at his collar, a cherry blossom and a bar. Three steps below a major, or in other armies a second lieutenant.
The young officer was looking for the lover who had separated from him several days ago.

“Are you crying, platoon leader Kuze?”

Standing next to him the new young subordinate, who could only be described as looking very young, asked that. “Ichinose” was embroidered on the breast pocket of his camouflage uniform.

“I’m not crying”

“Liar, you are crying. It seems she’s not here?”

After he let out a sign and smiled wryly, Kuze put on a serious look like a commander and looked at the people on the wharf.
Zama! The me now…… (TL: I’m completely lost)
As the rain continued to pour down on the deck of the transport warship, Kuze was fed up with himself.


Called the Aegis system, is equipped with a high-performance radar and computer, oversees the various armed, the world’s most powerful air defence destroyers capable of performing the system air defence for radar capture and intercept a hundred or more target at the same time.

That the Maritime Self-Defence Force Aegis destroyer “Ibuki” the ship had begun lunch at the same time as the announcement of the “start meal delivery”. Full amount of waste water about ten thousand tons, because it is a large ship and even in the world to reach the full length one hundred seventy meters, number of occupants often.

“Commander present, Attention!”

One of the officers raised his voice, the officers seated down the length of the long table straightened their posture together.

Then, straight a man came into the officer room, sit down on the seat of honor.
Rear Admiral Kaburaki Norio, commander of the UN peacekeeping forces dispatched fleet.

It wasn’t very meaningful to continue the formal regulations for long periods he thought.

“Same as usual Commander Kaburagi.”

One of the men spoke up, with a cool sounding voice in the officer room.
Sit close to the seat, is the chief staff of the fleet command, second in command Commander Kato Shuji laughed.

“Because I’m the commander I say its good”

The grinning face of Kaburagi was filled with energy like a boy.
Kaburaki didn’t mind the thoughts of those surrounding him as he lifted curry to his mouth.

“The typhoon of occurrence yesterday According to the report from the weather team it  deviated from the route.”

“Hou, thats good. Any others?”
“Say, this is unrelated. Oh, its about a weird dream I saw yesterday”
“Dream …?”
“Yeah. I do not remember well but…… there was a girl that have wings growing on her back, … Bleeding.”

Around him executives who are startled turn their eyes to me.

“Ahaha~tsu. I’m sorry, It is not a story that should be told during a meal.”

But, Kaburaki was not able to flow with it.

“That’s strange.”

“I’m also saw the same. Dream a of girl with wings being sacrificed ……”

“Yeah! Ho, Is it true?”

“Commander, are you not just tired?”

To the senior officers who heard the bizarre story look to one another, and one of the Medical Officer interjected.

“You’re right, because I it was a painful schedule until now after all……”

“Ibuki” applied the length of the Voyage.
What is meant by their words, It was about time spend on this current fleet.
This fleet was organized, and assigned with a mission.
It was a story before six months from now.
Due to the conflict in the country with Africa a United Nations facility has been hit by terrorism in quick succession, it was decided to actively dispatch troops of the UN peacekeeper led by the U.S. and Britain, But the number is not. And leading to a support request to the countries with the US. It was Japan.

Maritime Self-Defence Force in addition to this state-of-the-art Aegis destroyers
“Ibuki”, 19500t grade class helicopter equipped destroyer, has been out pulling up largelarge supply ship as a support ship.

“Commander Kaburaki and I’ll I’m rather dangerous signal when you see normally. The medical treatment group had better pay attention.” (TN: anyone has a better translation
「蕪木司令や 僕が普通に見えたらむしろ危険信号だよ。医療班は注意してね」)

“Alright let”

Kato two adjuvants answer To At-kerakan.
While Kaburaki thought with a wry smile, this just is carried the spoon to Navy curry of tradition that is not accustomed to hate.
…… Girl with wings growing on her back.
And, she is why, had the feeling they were looking for something.
…… So, desperate for something.
When two or more person see the same dream, we don’t know what will happen. It was natural, but felt uneasy to him for some reason. Sailor’s intuiton.

“So it …… it’s you guys ……”


A girl’s voice is heard.
In somewhat there, he looked up startled.
When Kaburaki see the line of sight of earlier, there stood a girl wearing a Usuginu.(TN: this what I got when I search usuginu

“Na!?”(TN: any better word fr this 「なっ!?」)

On the long table, is a senior our middle facing.
Or am I dreaming! ?
Cold sweat started to run down his back.

“Oh, hey!? How did you enter into this ship Who are you stuck! How do I!?”

“Please calm down commander!”

Although being restraint by one of his subordinates, Kaburaki does not move while staring at the face of the girl.

“Where, you are …!”

The memory that lied in the deep place is reminded him. So, he had seen that of her only yesterday.
In a dream.
The Suu, and she opened the eyes.

“‘I will only entrust to you guys.”

“Entrust? What the heck?”

Only in this situation, the Kato that seem to have become calm, was captured by the gentle eyes of the girl.
And then, the girl uttered with lonely voice before seriously look at Kato.

“I’m sorry ……”

“Oh, oi!?”

The girl then start to hum a song grumbling To some strange melody.
Suddenly light start to gather at her feet a pale green, dyed her pure white skin.
Kato next to Kaburaki stared at the shiny things in her feet.

“Magic …?”

“What are you doing! Stop it!”

One of the young executives went up to the table and try to stop the girl. It was only one unarmed girl, and probably thought could be stop.

“This looks bad!?”

It was at that time.
Yurari distorted space of officers room.
Like darkness, such as tar, and overflowing from her A pattern that has been carved
into the whole body, and erode quickly officer room eroding the white tablecloth.

“Oh my God Oh!?”

“Had the, … Evacuation, Yamero~oー!?”

Such unexpected rarely darkness as if he had the intention, went swallowed the fleeing executive officers.

“U ……”

While lying on his back, Kuze was awaken.


Oh, that creepy black unneune is!( TN: I can’t find anything about unneune)
Overflowing from the Aegis destroyer “Ibuki” that the existence of that mystery he remembered immediately.

…… Did I faint.

“Ugh, what the hell was that ……”

I wonder if that person we saw was just our hallucination.
Anyway, back to the ship we must confirm the safety of the crew. I say were suddenly surrounded by this thick fog, its very unusual.
Somehow, I stand up.
And it was when he tried directing to hatch that follows the foot to the ship in a hurry. He heard a Melody in his ears along the fog.
Who would be singing here, we should be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
He hands the binoculars that had been prepared for overlooking the vast deck.

“U …… Sodaro … !?”(TN: I have no idea what this is)

Several shadow of persons Can be seen from the reef.

“Kuze Sanjo! So you were here!”

Then was the voice of women behind was heard.
If you turn around, it was a young woman who stood there.
Specifically late twenties in age, but wearing the same camouflage of GSDF as Ichinose.

“Itai company commander!?”

As soon see her appearance, he was screaming his name.
Itai Kaori first class Rikujo.
Is a captain in his belongs to company.
As soon admit the figure, Kuze was rushed to be played to her original.

“Ho, reports!”

“Wh, what was of …?”

To unprecedented forms of Kuze, she also had wincing.

“There is it now, in this ship starboard, a flock of” mermaid “!”

I point at the direction in desperate Form.

“…… calm down Kuze Sanjo. Did you hurt your head?”


“What you are confused from shock when you fainted. Okay, lets go to the infirmary. You can walk by yourself?”

“U, It isn’t a lie!”

“Yeah, Yeah. Will here of the information while were going to the infirmary.”

“Please wait a minute! I’m really Okay!”

“Yeah, I know. Now, lets get back to the ship.”

Is chunky To grabbed the arm, it will be dragged to be taken away.
Eventually disappears appearance of two people from the deck, silence dominated the ocean again.
In somewhat there, next to the wake, there was what you make Chapun, and a faint sound.
No one noticed that the number of young girls face.
At their end, not knowing of their destination the transport ship progressed aimlessly.
Their tails and fins, was dancing in the wake caused by the screw of the ship.

Side Story: The Valentine of the Shield Hero

Side Story: The Valentine of the Shield Hero 1 Authors Note: The title says Valentines, but the story still hasn’t progress to Valentines as of this moment. A month has passed since Christmas. Soon after it became February… Is it fine? It doesn’t matter. It’s now February..By the way, the New Years was very noisy.On New Years I went to visit the Shinto Shrine near the Church, but still to even have New Years in this world. Why a Shrine? isn’t it supposed to be a church?As I thought, apparently the previous Heroes spread the tradition of visiting a Shrine instead of a church on New Years. it seems to be the custom. In addition I gave out New Years gift to the Villagers at the New Years Party, They complained when I handed them money without putting them in a pouch(TL: I don’t know how to praise this don’t they give New Years money not gift in Japan someone please correct me) Speaking of Japanese tradition, it reminds me of Glass, who always wore a kimono. That person would definitely suit the New Years atmosphere,……. but she’s not here.I have completely forgotten about her, she went missing after the world was saved. She doesn’t seems to be dead but I wonder what she is doing at this time. By the way I’m currently in disguise while heading to the hideout of the Chivalrous thief. ‘This way degojaru’ I gave instructions to shadow to deliver a message to the Chivalrous thief…… has it already been months?The Chivalrous thief along with some former thief are currently expanding their hideout with some steady results. At first he was my slave who improved through class up, thanks to the growth correction he became famous for his strength and power in other countries. He then started gathering the scattered thief and bandits and made a thief guild in this hideout, he made it his policy to only robbed corrupt merchants. TThe money that was collected was then given to support the needy. (TN: this reminds me of robin hood)As much as much as possible he didn’t attack carriages that are under my jurisdiction, and after that he became famous as the Chivalrous thief.Once everyone has gathered, I then receive a report from shadow. The Chivalrous thief who became famous is bounded to me and he act based on my instructions. Its been a long time since we last saw each other I wonder what kind of face he’ll make.Today we will have a meeting of the Dark Guild inside the Chivalrous thief hideout.By the way about Raftalia and the other slave.Well… I kinda scold them for being noisy. The hideout was built in the corner of an underground waterway of a certain town.Its appears that my party is a little hesitant to enter because of the appearance and bad smell.The guards starts to glare at us as soon as we got near the hideout. `Password?’ `Katsudon’ …..What! That password? Every time, I think that this method is the Chivalrous thief way of harassing me. Oh well, if it’s only this degree of harassment then it can’t be helped. “ Tsk! Enter “ After clicking his tongue, the guard gave us permission to enter the hideout. As we enter I put on my robe so as not to reveal my face.The atmosphere in the Chivalrous Thief Guild became heavy……. it doesn’t feel good.The thief’s who works as Chivalrous Chief start making a commotion as soon as we enter the bar. Shadow continue to guides us closer to the counter of the bar, and orders. “ Milk shake “ The master of the bar stare at us then asked. “ How sweet? “ Highest degojaro “ With shadows reply, the master of the bar while sighing opens the way to the back of the counter.Can’t you do anything about that password?How sweet do you want you Milkshake, and you answered highest. If its sweet it should be condense milk. Me and shadow went inside to the back of the bar.From there was a long hallway, and thus we begin walking towards the inner hideout.This is to troublesome, is it that important to be this vigilant.It seems that the entrance is for the lower ranking member, and along the back is where you may find the higher ranking members of the organization. We arrive at a luxurious room at the innermost part.The thief that I knew as the boss of the Chivalrous thief guild, along with the slave dealer and accessory merchant was sitting there waiting for me.While I carefully check around my surroundings I took of my robe. ‘This is the Hero of the shield. Yes’ “ fufufu. It seems that your in good health “ “ It has been a long time hasn’t it Hero of the shield ” Everyone lightly greeted me.Today is the regular meeting with the dark guild. “ After a long time of not seeing each other, how have you guys been. “ “ I’m fine. Yes. “ “ That talk is meaningless for a merchant. fufufufu. “ “ Oh. I have achieved my aimed amount by robbing noble and merchant ” I sit down while listening to a familiar conversation, and hearing everyone condition.While Shadow was straining his ears at the entrance of the room.It is to make sure that no one eavesdrop in our conversation, they are former thief’s after all. “ Lets begin today meeting. Yes. ” The slave dealer raised his hand, then he start to give his report Even thought this guys do dark business they still helped in saving the world, even if they are wearing dark masks.In order to help Melty we must take the initiative, in a world that is still in confusion and disorder to stop countries from fighting and have them discus in negotiating table. In the first place even Melromark has its dark side of using demi-humans as slaves. Although currently it has alleviated slightly, but it was custom that is deep-rooted in this country. It is to say that even thought the world became at peace, but that doesn’t mean that slavery would be gone.Suddenly abolishing slavery and everyone becoming equal what happy story.It wouldn’t change that easily the desire for an easy to handle labor force is to great.Let alone the world is still in comfusion, in the other world the one that wins the war often start marauding and plundering. Its a phenomena that you can easily imagine. Since I defeated that Goddess, while indulging in the feeling of victory, A few days later reports came regarding a group of marauders looting and plundering.There’s a limit in naively thinking that anything goes so long as you win.Its very suspicious to view this guys to actually be decent when they can’t even fight fare. “ According to the investigation of the dark guild Zerutoburu started performing slave hunting. “ The slave dealer begin to explain to me while holding the documents with one hand.Particularly I don’t intend to abolish the slave system itself.There are even guys who become slaves due to other circumstance like poverty. Loosing ones freedom, rather than being killed in cold blood is still a better possibility.There is only a few number of people who view this negatively.This is closely tied to money, where the poor people are no diferent from slave doing hard labor. Come to think of it even in modern Japan there are guys who work hard without getting the proper compensation like slave.I want to improved as a person, but even if I become an excellent person there are still a lot of hopeless people in the world.I don’t think that will change, even if the world was saved. “ In conclusion they tend to expand their number of slaves, but the potential for runaways also increase. “ “ Hmmn “ The description of this and that barely scratched story of the slave dealer. The world of glass was considerably messed up by the Goddess.Apparently there are countries that are recognize and some that lost the war around the world.And barbarians as well.To acquire additional resource. groups started to perform slave hunting with the minds of a frontier. The first on the list is Sildfreeden and the former state of Faubrey. ( TN: I don’t know what state is that)After Launching a war against Melromark and the allied nations and being defeated, it was ordered to pay an enormous reparations.for invading other countries, they must take responsibility.It is sad that they were proclaiming that it was for freedom, equality and justice. After all, people tend to missused the meaning of freedom.You have the rights to start a war, but you don’t have the rights to abandon your responsibility when you lose.To selfishly use the word freedom and not take responsibility for it. (TN: reminds me of Itsuki attitude) Because it didn’t become public, Melty can’t do using good smoke screen they were able to silent potential complaint.From Melty’s standpoint, things that should be paid must be paid. The world is now at peace, that is it became a little more decent.To me this world is still rotten, it wouldn’t change that easily.Since the other party is acting behind the scene, we will also do the same.Anyway, its the worlds problem when the defeated countries star slave hunting and plundering other countries in order to recover their economy. “ And what about you? “ Then I ask the accessory merchant to give his report. “ It something similar, it seems that art, antique and memorabilia are in circulation in the black market. “ “ It is quite deplorable. “ Winners are right. Losers are always in the wrong.I mean is kicking them while their down, its naive to think that they won’t start grabbing anything with value from the losing sides.But its also rare to hear story about thise kinds of people. “ Even if the art is similar appraising it is quit difficult, so the price does not go up. “ “ I see. “ So at t present the world civilization is considerably similar to glass.I wonder about the difference between East and West, there seem to be a country similar to Japan in the east. World of glass and Japanese tend to be.I wonder if that is to say elves and dwarves are wearing kimono?Oh, do I lose if I mind it? There are many other races too.The rare racial slave trade will be prosperous in this sense. …… It seems that there also those kinds in the world.Guys who like to collect.However the purpose if to collect and gather demons and demi-human and not to kill.The problem is when they die.A collector just might use taxerdermy and stuffed them.I correct the talk, and shift to collect foreign articles, or it seems to explode in rise in price, and …… is scary. “ Hey, do you understand? I glared at the cause, the thieves from the chivalrous thief.The chivalrous thief overwhelmed by the silence swallowed and nodded. “ Oh I think there is something like that when we seize and attack an underground auction at Zerutoburu.“ That’s fine, as much as possible the goods that are likely to be collected becomes overpriced. I’m feel the risk to take the hit and say things. At worst we could use the hero. “ I let Rishia and three others to go and protect the first in the list against theft and slave hunting from the world of glass.It is a certain meaning, plain evil.The plunder is only evil to sympathize with you that there may be a reason for a partnership. We should ask for the reason when we catch him.It is difficult to say that as much as possible to catch them without killing them.If you have too conspicuous predatory behavior, and performs an inspection a hero can openly judge it. “ At the moment its stopped for now, but I don’t know what will happen. “ The air became heave after the Chivalrous thief’s word. Everyone isn’t as resign to let the hero stop it its quite depressing.Light glisten in the darkness,, or to say it stimulates the otakus mind, but its not so good to be bothered by it. “ So for the time being, I plan to emphasize on security to get everything under control of the situation. While cooperating with the underworld organization at Zerutoburu. “ “ what do you want me to do? ““ First to create a rule in the dark for the shameful act of slave-hunting, but it will be difficult. “ There are also rules in the underworld.The person who breaks this rule will be labeled  as the lowest in the underworld.Then they would need to jump the hurdle to perform the crime. Well, its also quite difficult to make this rule.It is a situation to even paralyzed someone from the dark guild regarding racial treatment.It is so the hero should keep a close watch on the state of the slave hunting, it is to the extend that the danger is dark guild itself.If I make it so to introduce the rules to the underworld, in order to cross that dangerous bridge. Profitable it might be, but the risk is too big.That’s why even the dark Guild is punishable.In order to reduce the burden, we would have to use the assassination squad.I don’t want any failures. To compromise we will have to put the hero of the bow and Risha in the area. “ Do you think the hero will understand and act in advance., Yes. “ That’s a good point knowing about the slave dealer is terrible thing. “ We will carry on with the business even if the Hero-sama is against it. Yes. “ “ Well that’s about it, I’m not to abolish slavery itself. The problem is the act of forcibly making slave by slave hunting.” When you do such a thing, it becomes a racial crucible that is possible to be tied by neck and hang that is a famous story kn country in my world.Is what I say, but een slaves are human too.Well, to be specific demi-humans are not lump together as human but a race. “ Oh it seems the hero aim is to abolish it, but from the standpoint of the hero of the shield is different. ““In my position it is unlikely. If someone want to do an anti slavery movement let him do it. But it’s not now. “ The first place I being hero of the shield who once uses slave until now, have no right to start an anti slave movement.I never intended to that from the beginning. “ All I can say is, the time has cone to move according to words of the hero. Yes. “ Well, if you say so.I who am the hero who save this world from the darkness.Put black and white together, and white becomes black.When I do something bad, it does not reach the ears of the public. It better no be the possibility of cross cultural exchange to the obstacle.Conflict might happen in the world after, but it is what we should do now that happy people do in many times. Well it feels contradictory when I say to abolish slavery, but a compromise is necessary.Its impossible to make everyone happy.Therefore I act in order to at least make some people happy. It is the obligation of the heroes who remained on this world. Billboard that stands heavier than you would think.Easy to use and comfortable around people but there is catch.The position of the person who called hero is required characteristics of a hero.Therefore I am out of character, but should do it like a hero.Because I receive a lot of benefits, I can’t complain. Although its kinda troublesome in many ways. “ Well, Please continue with your report. “ Afterwards we continued to talk about elaborate measure.The accessory merchant reported on areas that are dangerous to step into and the knee that can bring the most profit.This guy notice the condition of the neighborhood and made a list of dangerous goods from the accessory merchants acquaintance.The story of slave hunting and plundering were discus considerably.