For the record I’m going to focus on the Valentines of the Shield Hero for now I’ll continue Rune Troopers as well but I really need to finish that Valentines.

Chapter 3 reconnaissance troops

From the Imperial city of the castle town 〝 say road 〟 of the United Kingdom of the Southern Sea Marisa, with the capital as a marine trade city prospering as a castle town, it is possible for both to be viewed as the capital where it has an orderly vigor and be able to be called a national symbol.
The coastline line of the capital was drawn in a large crescent-shaped, both sides has been cape. In the lower cape is a lighthouse, and the Imperial Castle is in higher cape.
Rarona’s Garrison troops were in the foot of the opposite shore to the lighthouse overlooking the Imperial castle.
The tip of the Cape, slipping into the place where it has been roughly maintained as runway, to run to the quarters.
In the room that serve as a simple work room, A young woman with rich green long hair was sitting.
Her name is Karuda.

“What is it? woman warrior Rarona”(TN: it actually says kneaded warrior)

Rarona apologize for the impoliteness, with one knee on the floor and hung her head.

“Please excuse sudden rudeness! But there is something that I must report as soon as possible”

Karuda gently removed the monicle glasses that had been put in her right eye.
Pair of almond eyes look at Rarona.

“…… All right. Briefly”

Rarona raise her cheerfully face, kept talking on what oneself experienced at noon by fast talking.
A major incident in itself that something emerges from the sea of the mermaid, what came out is a huge castle-like iron ships.
Numbering of five ships, unknown nationality.

“No way, the Firuborugu empire?”

Like a noble of Marisa she did not speak of the arrogant name “ Inheritance„ of the enemy.

“Well, …… As far as I have seen it is not the case”

Slightly awkward, Rarona answered.

(Maybe, Its a ship that came from another world)

Such a ridiculous thought came up.

“From the top ……, Even what little news I am ordered to be raise to the castle”

Karuda then up from the chair, looked at the sun that is going sinking from the window to the other side of the sea.

“And the ship made of the iron, foreigners of unknown nationality…… but that doesn’t matter now, I must first uniform her Majesty”

Karuda stroked by hand the spear that was placed in the corner of the room.
The premonition of battle, is certainly might be on her mind.

“Ready woman warrior. Today, I hear an ultimatum has arrived in our country.”

Rarona is, did not want to hear the following word and block her ear. But, as soldiers, it had to be heard.
Gulp, with sound of dry throat.
Superior, said in a calm voice.

“Firuborugu Empire, declared war against our country”

Kuze, was passed casually a file to company commander.
Kuze first of all, I could not understand what information being listed there mean?
In the provision item, because there was a large amount of live ammunition.

“…… This, at a time like this a massive live ammunition training?”

Kuze had involuntarily asked so.

“In, So why …… this kind of armed”
“Because combat mobilization”

It is natural, she took a glance behind Kuze and say.


The dawn overnight, the morning sun was rising.
Anti-submarine patrol helicopter SH-60K Sea Hawk is a carrier-based aircraft of Aegis destroyers “Ibuki” had finish departure preparation.
There, similarly the man who wore a white uniforms went aboard
To see them off, was Kaburaki.

“One platoon were selected from GSDF as escort”

Kato in the wind that stir up the helicopter, laughed while tighten the chin strap so that identification hat will not fly of.

“Wait, please don’t act recklessly?”

He gave thumbs up.

(Different world, and such is …)

Honestly, his thoughts were still skeptical .

“I asked ……”
“Please understand. Whole thing.”

Uncommon to Kato salute with seriousness, closed the side door.
When Kaburaki started to leave the flight deck, helicopter began to depart into the sky.
To protect the MSDF helicopter ridden by Kato, camouflage helicopter of the Ground Self-Defence Force of three aircraft that departed from the transport ship are merged. This is where the GSDF were deployed, UH-60JA Black Hawk.
On board of Black Hawk, GSDF personnel on board huddled together shoulder to shoulder, still I attentively listened to the story of the commander.

“Pay attention, our mission is reconnaissance from the sky, and, in the event of the situation escort of MSDF executive riding on that white helicopter”



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