For those who are asking about the Valentine special chapter 2 its 60% complete but I got bored so until I get in the mood to translate it I’m gonna be playing around with Rune troopers the light novel is being translated in Baka-tsuki but stuck as a teaser so I decided to do the web novel instead here the link for the light novel you may also read the prolonged and some detailed parts there

Chapter 1 Dispatch Fleet Sailed

In the cloudy sky, the weather seems to gloomy
Below, are the shouting reporter from TV stations.

“ The troops to sail this time, Maritime Self-Defence Force state-of-the-art Aegis guarded by one ship transport ship and supply ship, is a fleet consisting of a total of five ships”

He …… Kuze Akira while wearing camouflage and patrol cap was little at eaves, from the position on top of the deck in the high transport ship, was looking if there are any known faces in the family and officials who came to see them off.
In somewhat there, it is he is sincerely likely to become 24 years old this year, speaking a good-nature look on his face, similar to the cloudy sky.

Though young, an officer’s insignia was shown at his collar, a cherry blossom and a bar. Three steps below a major, or in other armies a second lieutenant.
The young officer was looking for the lover who had separated from him several days ago.

“Are you crying, platoon leader Kuze?”

Standing next to him the new young subordinate, who could only be described as looking very young, asked that. “Ichinose” was embroidered on the breast pocket of his camouflage uniform.

“I’m not crying”

“Liar, you are crying. It seems she’s not here?”

After he let out a sign and smiled wryly, Kuze put on a serious look like a commander and looked at the people on the wharf.
Zama! The me now…… (TL: I’m completely lost)
As the rain continued to pour down on the deck of the transport warship, Kuze was fed up with himself.


Called the Aegis system, is equipped with a high-performance radar and computer, oversees the various armed, the world’s most powerful air defence destroyers capable of performing the system air defence for radar capture and intercept a hundred or more target at the same time.

That the Maritime Self-Defence Force Aegis destroyer “Ibuki” the ship had begun lunch at the same time as the announcement of the “start meal delivery”. Full amount of waste water about ten thousand tons, because it is a large ship and even in the world to reach the full length one hundred seventy meters, number of occupants often.

“Commander present, Attention!”

One of the officers raised his voice, the officers seated down the length of the long table straightened their posture together.

Then, straight a man came into the officer room, sit down on the seat of honor.
Rear Admiral Kaburaki Norio, commander of the UN peacekeeping forces dispatched fleet.

It wasn’t very meaningful to continue the formal regulations for long periods he thought.

“Same as usual Commander Kaburagi.”

One of the men spoke up, with a cool sounding voice in the officer room.
Sit close to the seat, is the chief staff of the fleet command, second in command Commander Kato Shuji laughed.

“Because I’m the commander I say its good”

The grinning face of Kaburagi was filled with energy like a boy.
Kaburaki didn’t mind the thoughts of those surrounding him as he lifted curry to his mouth.

“The typhoon of occurrence yesterday According to the report from the weather team it  deviated from the route.”

“Hou, thats good. Any others?”
“Say, this is unrelated. Oh, its about a weird dream I saw yesterday”
“Dream …?”
“Yeah. I do not remember well but…… there was a girl that have wings growing on her back, … Bleeding.”

Around him executives who are startled turn their eyes to me.

“Ahaha~tsu. I’m sorry, It is not a story that should be told during a meal.”

But, Kaburaki was not able to flow with it.

“That’s strange.”

“I’m also saw the same. Dream a of girl with wings being sacrificed ……”

“Yeah! Ho, Is it true?”

“Commander, are you not just tired?”

To the senior officers who heard the bizarre story look to one another, and one of the Medical Officer interjected.

“You’re right, because I it was a painful schedule until now after all……”

“Ibuki” applied the length of the Voyage.
What is meant by their words, It was about time spend on this current fleet.
This fleet was organized, and assigned with a mission.
It was a story before six months from now.
Due to the conflict in the country with Africa a United Nations facility has been hit by terrorism in quick succession, it was decided to actively dispatch troops of the UN peacekeeper led by the U.S. and Britain, But the number is not. And leading to a support request to the countries with the US. It was Japan.

Maritime Self-Defence Force in addition to this state-of-the-art Aegis destroyers
“Ibuki”, 19500t grade class helicopter equipped destroyer, has been out pulling up largelarge supply ship as a support ship.

“Commander Kaburaki and I’ll I’m rather dangerous signal when you see normally. The medical treatment group had better pay attention.” (TN: anyone has a better translation
「蕪木司令や 僕が普通に見えたらむしろ危険信号だよ。医療班は注意してね」)

“Alright let”

Kato two adjuvants answer To At-kerakan.
While Kaburaki thought with a wry smile, this just is carried the spoon to Navy curry of tradition that is not accustomed to hate.
…… Girl with wings growing on her back.
And, she is why, had the feeling they were looking for something.
…… So, desperate for something.
When two or more person see the same dream, we don’t know what will happen. It was natural, but felt uneasy to him for some reason. Sailor’s intuiton.

“So it …… it’s you guys ……”


A girl’s voice is heard.
In somewhat there, he looked up startled.
When Kaburaki see the line of sight of earlier, there stood a girl wearing a Usuginu.(TN: this what I got when I search usuginu

“Na!?”(TN: any better word fr this 「なっ!?」)

On the long table, is a senior our middle facing.
Or am I dreaming! ?
Cold sweat started to run down his back.

“Oh, hey!? How did you enter into this ship Who are you stuck! How do I!?”

“Please calm down commander!”

Although being restraint by one of his subordinates, Kaburaki does not move while staring at the face of the girl.

“Where, you are …!”

The memory that lied in the deep place is reminded him. So, he had seen that of her only yesterday.
In a dream.
The Suu, and she opened the eyes.

“‘I will only entrust to you guys.”

“Entrust? What the heck?”

Only in this situation, the Kato that seem to have become calm, was captured by the gentle eyes of the girl.
And then, the girl uttered with lonely voice before seriously look at Kato.

“I’m sorry ……”

“Oh, oi!?”

The girl then start to hum a song grumbling To some strange melody.
Suddenly light start to gather at her feet a pale green, dyed her pure white skin.
Kato next to Kaburaki stared at the shiny things in her feet.

“Magic …?”

“What are you doing! Stop it!”

One of the young executives went up to the table and try to stop the girl. It was only one unarmed girl, and probably thought could be stop.

“This looks bad!?”

It was at that time.
Yurari distorted space of officers room.
Like darkness, such as tar, and overflowing from her A pattern that has been carved
into the whole body, and erode quickly officer room eroding the white tablecloth.

“Oh my God Oh!?”

“Had the, … Evacuation, Yamero~oー!?”

Such unexpected rarely darkness as if he had the intention, went swallowed the fleeing executive officers.

“U ……”

While lying on his back, Kuze was awaken.


Oh, that creepy black unneune is!( TN: I can’t find anything about unneune)
Overflowing from the Aegis destroyer “Ibuki” that the existence of that mystery he remembered immediately.

…… Did I faint.

“Ugh, what the hell was that ……”

I wonder if that person we saw was just our hallucination.
Anyway, back to the ship we must confirm the safety of the crew. I say were suddenly surrounded by this thick fog, its very unusual.
Somehow, I stand up.
And it was when he tried directing to hatch that follows the foot to the ship in a hurry. He heard a Melody in his ears along the fog.
Who would be singing here, we should be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
He hands the binoculars that had been prepared for overlooking the vast deck.

“U …… Sodaro … !?”(TN: I have no idea what this is)

Several shadow of persons Can be seen from the reef.

“Kuze Sanjo! So you were here!”

Then was the voice of women behind was heard.
If you turn around, it was a young woman who stood there.
Specifically late twenties in age, but wearing the same camouflage of GSDF as Ichinose.

“Itai company commander!?”

As soon see her appearance, he was screaming his name.
Itai Kaori first class Rikujo.
Is a captain in his belongs to company.
As soon admit the figure, Kuze was rushed to be played to her original.

“Ho, reports!”

“Wh, what was of …?”

To unprecedented forms of Kuze, she also had wincing.

“There is it now, in this ship starboard, a flock of” mermaid “!”

I point at the direction in desperate Form.

“…… calm down Kuze Sanjo. Did you hurt your head?”


“What you are confused from shock when you fainted. Okay, lets go to the infirmary. You can walk by yourself?”

“U, It isn’t a lie!”

“Yeah, Yeah. Will here of the information while were going to the infirmary.”

“Please wait a minute! I’m really Okay!”

“Yeah, I know. Now, lets get back to the ship.”

Is chunky To grabbed the arm, it will be dragged to be taken away.
Eventually disappears appearance of two people from the deck, silence dominated the ocean again.
In somewhat there, next to the wake, there was what you make Chapun, and a faint sound.
No one noticed that the number of young girls face.
At their end, not knowing of their destination the transport ship progressed aimlessly.
Their tails and fins, was dancing in the wake caused by the screw of the ship.



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  2. na is part of nani which means what so it is something like : wha
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